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Student Fees

Using the Madeira EZPay System 
(Not for lunch account payments)

The Madeira EZPay online payment system allows Madeira parents to pay school fee payments in fullpay to participate payments per season per sport, tuition program monthly payments, and PSAT payments. Fee payments, pay to participate payments and PSAT must be paid in full. Tuition program payments can be paid monthly or several months at one time.

With this program you will be able to process payments online using any VISA and MasterCard. No more sending in checks or cash, which can get lost. There is a $2.50 transaction fee.

Payments will be applied to your child's account within 48 hours (school work days) through the easy online checkout process.

How do I register?
Step by step information is available by downloading the EZPay Parent Instructions.

The Madeira EZPay online payment system is only for school fees, pay to participate payments, tuition program payments and PSAT payments. It is not for school lunch account payments. YOU MUST GO TO THE LUNCH MENU LINK ON EACH SCHOOL'S WEBSITE FOR LUNCH ACCOUNT PAYMENTS.

To register and start using ezpay select the following link
Madeira EZPay

If you have questions or need help please contact your school office or Seana Whapham at, 985-6070, in the Treasurer's department.